Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Quote & Wee Dog Blogging

This week's quote is from David Lynch's Lost Highway, with Robert Blake, Patricia Arquette, Bill Pullman, Balthazar Getty, Robert Loggia, and Richard Pryor. If I recall correctly, it comes from someone's TV, and it seems... somehow profound:

"It takes many strawberries to fill a bucket."

And, of course, there'll be other people's wee dogs...

Chihuahua/squirrel mix at Balboa Park in San Diego.


flory said...

As a former acquaintance of mine memorably characterized them -- "Chihuahas. Rats with a thyroid problem."

spocko said...

Squirrels mating with dogs! Mass chaos!

"Starker, this is Chaos, we don't do do do here."

-Get Smart