Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Celebration Of Achievement

I bow my head in deepest respect:
Teenage boys — and a lot of grown men — could learn a lot from Thomas Vogel. On Saturday, the German man displayed dazzling dexterity to break the Guinness world record for the most brassieres unhooked in one minute using one hand, shattering the record with an eye- and clasp-popping 56 opened bras in 60 seconds.

The Bavarian bra-buster did so on the set of a TV show in Cologne, with a bevy of bra-covered beauties lined up to assist him. Vogel bested the Guinness world record previously held by Aussie Rick Canzler, who unhooked 42 bras on June 19 of last year in Sydney....

*holds lighter aloft in silent salute*

The article also has some pointers on improving one's... technique, and some not-especially-funny celebrity bra stories from not-really-celebrities.

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