Monday, April 17, 2006

Go, NYT, Go!

Just read all their editorials today.

Editorial #1: Yet another underperforming, overpaid U.S. contractor. Instead of building 142 health clinics in Iraq for $200 million, Parsons Inc. has built... 20. Apparently things were going so well back in Spring 2004 that no-one thought security would be a requirement.

Editorial #2: AT&T apparently giving it all up to the NSA. Not good. Very bad. Possible customer impact - ya think?

Editorial #3: How about a new Treasury Secretary with some ideas on fixing things, instead of a salesman who insists they're not broken? Umm, have you tried looking in the Magical Gumdrop Tree?

Editorial #4: New Hampshire phone jamming scandal looking kinda similar to Watergate. Oops.

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