Monday, April 24, 2006

Botanical Photoblogging

Some more... botanical pictures from the botanical gardens. Trying to take my mind off things a bit.

I generally try to avoid backlighting, but sometimes one has to make exceptions.

Flowers, or possibly space aliens.

Flower peek-a-boo. Posted by Picasa


four legs good said...

Odd, I've had the compulsion to take pictures of flowers and other nature-y things lately too.

I was so busy yesterday I missed the news about the kitty. I'm sure she is frolicking in kitty heaven this very instant.

Rob said...

The first flower is Columbine (some form of Aquilegia, probably a hybrid if it's domesticated. They're considered an old-fashioned flower, but I agree -- they're alien! I love them. They grow wild sometimes at Piney Fork in Jefferson Hills, PA.

The second is Vinca, probably Vinca minor, also known as periwinkle.

Very nice photos!

oldwhitelady said...

Nice! I like the peek-a-boo flower a lot. So much green and one little blue flower.