Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Don't Feed The Damn Trolls!

I'm not entirely sure why this resurfaced six months later on NYT, but I've actually been conditioned to do this since childhood, when my parents counseled me that the best way to deal with teasing was to completely ignore it. I became (and largely remain) Mr. Non-Responsive, and that actually worked pretty damn well.

Does that mean it's good science? Probably not...


four legs good said...

It probably resurfaced because someone on some counseling website linked to it again.

Or sumpin.

But yes, ignoring merely annoying behavior is usually the best bet. And in the troll's case, it annoys them so much they run off in a huff.

Eli said...

Some of them escalate, and some of them will just make their own fun, with witty ripostes to comments not directed at them. Whether or not those trolls would eventually give up has never been successfully tested.