Tuesday, January 16, 2007

B&W UNISPHERE Photoblogging

I don't think there's actually any convention that requires "UNISPHERE" to be spelled with all caps - I just feel like it should be pronounced in the most portentous way possible.

Unfortunately, my battery ran out before I could get all the shots I wanted, and my backup battery appears to have a serious leak. I tried to get the shots with my wee backup camera, but the results were mixed. Those shots might appear in a separate post sometime, who knows.

Behold, the power of the UNISPHERE!

The metal Horn Of Africa.

Excelsior! Posted by Picasa


Sanjay said...

Nice pics.. ye behold the metal horn of Africa where we be pounding the AQ or something.

Eli said...

I think you mean MQ: Metal-Qaeda.

V said...

Hey, we have a UNISPHERE here in town, in front of the chamber of commerce. It's made of gold-plated bottlecaps.

I shit you not.

Eli said...

Oh my.

The NYC UNISPHERE is, I believe, the largest globe in the world (not counting the world itself, of course), but there's a pretty good chance that yours is the world's largest globe made of gold-plated bottlecaps.

And, of course, there's the water tower what looks like a bum. I'm going to have to take pictures of that some day, preferably when the sky is brilliantly blue and full of fluffy white clouds.

V said...

Yeah, the local UNISPHERE is pretty small. Probably around 10 feet across, if that.

The giant bum just got a fresh paint job, BTW. Still looks like it's got a bad case of the piles.

four legs good said...

Are those the alien spaceships from MIB in the background?

Eli said...

Heh. I think they're some sort of Buildings Of The Future left over from the 1962 World's Fair. If I hadn't been meeting NYMary and Thers, I would have taken a closer look.