Friday, May 20, 2005

This One Time, At Band Camp...

I was just reflecting on people's catchphrases - for instance,
one guy I used to play softball with seemed to start every
anecdote off with "This girl I dated...", and one of
our managers is often associated with the phrase "...knows a
guy who can get us a deal on...", although I only get that one
second-hand. There was also a guy in my high school whose
notorious ultimate rejoinder was, "I've talked to teachers!"

I don't *think* I have a catchphrase (other than maybe "Dude!"),
but I'm not sure if one is ever aware of one's own catchphrase.

Do any of you have a catchphrase, or know anyone with a good
one? Don't be shy, it's not like "This girl I dated" is really
that hard to top...


watertiger said...

What is "mmmmm" for 1000, Alex?

Spear and Magic said...

You do have a catchphrase, Eli, you've just vowed never, ever to say it:


Give in to temptation, Eli. Say it. You know you want to.

My dad had one when I was growing up that I sort of "Reach for that again, you'll withdraw a bloody stump."

oldwhitelady said...

I can't think of what mine would be, but I'm sure there are plenty. My father used to like to say "Shit-eating" as in "You shit-eating cow" when the cow kicked the milk bucket. We started saying it and he asked us where we learned that type of language. We were able to stand tall and say "From you." I don't think he uses that phrase, anymore. He no longer has the cattle:)

rwlane said...

Apparently, I preface a lot of my comments with "Actually" -- "ackshully" -- I'm never aware of saying it, and only know I do it because my husband makes fun of me for it.

I think I might begin a lot of sentences with "apparently," too.