Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yet More Random Vacation Blogging

Huzzah! Hello/BloggerBot is finally working again, so I can upload photos quickly and easily. Which I will now proceed to do.

Wedding photos in Balboa Park. I like how the reflector thingy looks like it has legs, and how the bride and groom are kind of limned in light. (When was the last time I used the word "limned", I wonder...)

A church in La Jolla.

More fun with fern fronds.

Superman on his, um, Minaret Of Solitude at the Model Train Museum.

The railroads have been around for a very long time...
(Note the wee man tied to the stegosaurus's tail for no apparent reason)


karmic_jay said...

La Jolla? Wow pretty place. Been there once to visit, could never afford to live there ofcourse.
nice pics too
Superman on his, um, Minaret Of Solitude at the Model Train Museum.

Minaret? Is she some Islamofascist or something? He is susceptible to green Krytonite right? and Green is an Islamic color. ;-)

spork_incident said...

Poor doesn't stand a chance.

Of course, they could be trying to recreate 1950's giant mutant critter movie special effects.


Eli said...

jay, I'm pretty sure Superman is more of a Kryptofascist.

spork, if they were going for a 50s vibe, it would have been a *giant* stegosaur, not a normal-sized one. Or possibly a "giant" iguana with horns glued to its head...

Ol' Froth said...

You mean the reflective thingy doesn't have legs??? I've wanted an ambulatory reflective thingy for hours, and know I learn they possibly don't exist???

Ol' Froth said...

NOW...not KNOW

hisstoryman,Hunter of De Snark said...

Him dinosaurs and railroads, anachronistic... but think of the FUN!

Eli said...

What about railroad dinosaurs chasing around little reflector thingies with short little legs?