Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Actual Vacation Photoblogging

Hokay, I just checked out of the Chateau, and I'm currently sitting on a bench outside waiting for my uncle to pick me up. There seems to be fairly decent non-Chateau wifi out here, so I can essay some more photoblogging.

It's... umm... a glowing plant of some sort.

It's... a street sign! Wow, this vacation just gets more and more exciting, don't it.

Okay, how about something moving?

Well, they were moving, but I think they're stopped. I like the rearview mirror reflection, and the reflection of the rearview mirror reflection.

I probably won't be posting much of anything until tomorrow morning at the earliest, although that might change if I can get me some airport wifi. The trip back is going to be Teh Suck: 11PM redeye with 4:30AM stopover in O'Hare. Whee.


Rob said...

Tell me where you are and I'll see if Nancy can identify it.

Rob of UnSpace

Eli said...

Go for it! I think that one was in La Jolla.

Eli said...

Oh cool, it looks like I can comment again...