Tuesday, August 08, 2006

DoS And Don'ts

Oy. I'm jumping in (hopefully) towards the end of this sorry fiasco, but apparently the Lieberman campaign has been pissing and moaning about the joe2006.com website going down as a result of a dastardly Denial of Service attack by Lamont supporters. As pretty much the entire liberal blogosphere has already pointed out, it is considerably more likely that the crash was due to their hosting their primary campaign website with a $15-a-month hosting service that lumps them in with 73 other websites on a single server.

But that's not important, and not being reported. What's important is that JoeCo. is milking this for all it's worth, using it to smear Lamont and build a dirty-tricks storyline to justify Joe's already-decided-on independent run.

It's worth noting that this occurred almost exactly on the fifth anniversary of another, much larger disaster which also turned out to be a PR bonanza for the incompetents who let it happen. Yep. Incompetent like a fox.

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