Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Final Countdown

Today is the day. The battle for the soul of the Democratic party is joined in Connecticut. I don't believe I have any Connecticutians among my regular readers, but if any Nutmeg denizens happen to be reading today, I implore you to make sure you get out there and vote for Ned Lamont. Tell every registered Dem you know to get out there and vote for Lamont. If you're able, put on some comfortable shoes and help get people out there and vote for Lamont.

It's not just about getting rid of Lieberman (undeniably a good thing). It's about sending a message to the Democratic party establishment that any Dem who doesn't represent his or her constituents, who undermines his/her own party, who eagerly serves as a useful idiot for the Republicans, will be shitcanned with extreme prejudice.

But it won't happen unless everyone who wants Lamont in and Lieberman out gets out there and votes.

The polls that don't count have made it very clear who the Connecticrats want representing them. But they must all get out and vote so that the polls that do count send the same message. Please vote.

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