Sunday, August 20, 2006

Vacation Birds-And-Making-Fun-Of-Yakov-Smirnoff Blogging

Okay, back to the vacation photos. Today's theme is... Birdies!

This was terribly overexposed, and when I tried to pull the brightness back down I thought it actually looked kinda cool.

If you want to see what a pelican in flight really looks like...

Just chillin'. No big whoop.

Cranky seagull.

In Soviet Russia, birdie watches you!

Did anyone ever have an easier gig than Yakov Smirnoff? I mean, how hard could that schtick be? I wonder if he was like the Russian Jerry Seinfeld before he defected? "And what is with all these tractor quotas? Don't we have enough tractors already?"

Or maybe he was the Russian Gallagher, and he defected because beets and potatoes spatter so poorly...


karmic_jay said...

lol funny. Did not know about Yakow Smirnoff though.

Eli said...

Good Lord, man - how could you miss Yakov Smirnoff? He was one of many personifications of cheesy 80s humor.