Sunday, August 13, 2006


The wifi here at the Chateau has deteriorated into complete unusability, and my Plan B for posting phots isn't working, at least not yet. (Plan C involves putting the Treo's SD card into my wee backup camera so I can copy picture files to it, because right now I can't seem to copy directly to the Treo)

So, in the meantime:

Abraham Lincoln vs. Dracula. Discuss.


spocko said...

While Lincoln's height might be an advantage in any battle, Dracula does have the ability to turn into a bat and fly up to the 6ft 4 rail splitter's exposed neck.

However, if Lincoln was aware of the attack (vs. being distracted by a play or sleeping) he would most likely be able to fend off Dracula in bat form. I base this knowledge on the episode of Star Trek: The Savage Curtain. Lincoln was a backwoods man before he was president and as such is used to dealing with bats.

Therefore, in a battle between Abraham Lincoln and Dracula I conclude with a 93% confidence level that Lincoln would prevail.

Also for the record, A Vulcan would not cry out so.

The Heretik said...

I pick Dracula, but only at night.