Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Overreaction Of The Week

Oh... Kay.
[A] caller - Jimmy - pushed the right button to set [Yankees radio announcer Michael] Kay off. He sent Kay to Wig City by simply saying it is against "baseball etiquette" for an announcer or analyst to even mention that a pitcher is working on a no-hitter or perfect game.

Kay became extremely defensive and defiant. He flipped, going into a full scream/rant mode.

Kay: "... Why shouldn't I say it (that a pitcher is throwing a no-hitter or perfect game)? Tell me Jimmy. Why?"

Jimmy: "Because it's not baseball etiquette."

Kay: "... Don't tell me it's baseball etiquette. It used to be etiquette to have black people as slaves. ..."

You could hear Jimmy groan and the air going out of other listeners, too. Kay's inappropriate comparison was over-the-top.

A few seconds later, he topped it.

Kay: "Jimmy. Tell me why? Tell me why I can't say it."

As if he was waving a red cape in a bull's face, Jimmy, again, parroted his "baseball etiquette" line.

Kay: "That's a stupid, stupid thing to say. ... Baseball etiquette? There's a lot of rules that don't make sense. That's why there was Nazi Germany. Why did they march people into ovens? Well, that's what they told them to do ..."

So... apparently not talking about a no-hitter is comparable to slavery and the Holocaust.

Alllrighty then. I'm glad we've got that sorted. Thanks, Michael Kay, for all that you do.

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