Monday, August 21, 2006

Well, Blow Me... Down.

Yahrr, this be a right encouragin' development, me hearties:

Across the United States, from New York City, to Portland, Oregon, the pirate movement has spawned pirate bars, social circles, bands, festivals, magazines and apparel.

Devotees are attracted by pirate fashions, the spirit of rowdiness and the opportunity to engage in anti-establishment behavior. It's unclear where it began, but pirates are clearly in vogue.


"Pirates have always been cool," said Raja Azar, 26.... "You can project more with pirates, more so than with robots or ninjas," he said, wearing a striped tank top, black studded pants and boots with bare feet as he stood aboard a boat before the gig.

Raja Azar has thrown down the gauntlet.

Pirate cap tip to Ol' Froth.


hisstoryman, Hunter of Da Snark said...

ARRRGH Eli me hearty!

Another fine poste! Where have ya been ole matey. Here you have gone over to
the swabs at FDL?

Eli said...

Just got back from CA a few days ago, actually - lootin' and pillagin', you know.

But I'm afraid I've been kinda burned out on Eschaton for a while now. I pop in on the late shift occasionally, but that's about it.