Thursday, November 10, 2005

You Forgot Poll-Land!

The polling just continues to get worse and worse for the Republicans (for the life of me, I can't imagine why...). The latest train wreck is the latest NBC/WSJ poll, in which BushCo. plumbs new depths in overall (38%) and topical approval ratings.

One of the sections I found particularly interesting charts the progression of "Who would do a better job of handling ________, Democrats or Republicans?" The Democrats have taken the lead on issues that the Republicans have owned for over a decade.

o Dealing with taxes: 10% edge for the Dems after solid R's going back to 1993.

o Dealing with foreign policy: 9% edge for the Dems.
Republicans have owned since 1992.

o Dealing with Iraq: 3% edge after sizable Republican margins going back to 10/02.

o Protecting America's interests on trade issues: 10% edge after trailing since 1990. This one kinda surprised me, actually - I thought most people were already aligned with the Dems on this.

o Still trailing on "Dealing with the war on terrorism", but it's narrowed from a 36-point gap in 10/02, to 26 in 12/03, to 18 in 12/04, to 9 currently. If the Dems ever overtake the Republicans on this one, it's all over.

All in all, very encouraging. There are also some tantalizing similarities to '93-94 in the "Does your representative deserve to be re-elected" results.

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