Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday Quote & Foot Blogging

Going to stretch the format a little bit today, and use a book quote instead of a movie quote, and use, um, slightly hairy feet instead of cats.

Other than that, it's all perfectly normal, business as usual.

"Books... were merely nodes in a near-infinite matrix of information that exists in four dimensions, evolving toward the idea of the concept of the approximation of the shadow of Truth vertically through time as well as longitudinally through knowledge."

This is the realization of one of the main characters in Dan Simmons' Olympos (sequel to Ilium), as he is drowned in a crystal cabinet of golden knowledge near the ceiling of a giant Taj Mahal replica on top of Mount Everest, which he got to via a giant Eiffel-Tower cablecar network.

And of course, there'll be feet. You can thank Attaturk and watertiger's new joint venture, Rising Hegemon -- After Dark, with its soon-to-be-recurring "Feet Of The Blogosphere" feature. I have taken several pictures in various peductive poses, and I now realize that my feet are extremely ugly.

This is pretty much the only picture of my feet that doesn't make me kinda... queasy. Posted by Picasa


Charlotte Smith said...

Never forget that a hairy foot is a healthy foot!

Anonymous said...

Really? That's a relief!

virgotex (aka lavalamp) said...

I like the b/w - very Cassavetes

Charlotte Smith said...

A late reply, but yep - my mother did a lot of foot care in her nursing career, and she always told us that. Hairy feet are awesome!

oldwhitelady said...

Hey, wait a minute.. where is the cat picture????