Monday, November 07, 2005

Questions For Republicans

Just a couple of very similar questions I'd like to ask:

1) If our electoral process is completely untainted (or if Democrats are the only ones who are cheating), why are you opposed to election reform? Wouldn't you want to prove that our elections are as clean and aboveboard as you know them to be?

2) If the US is not torturing anyone, why are Bush and Cheney pushing to either defeat the anti-torture resolution, or to add an exemption for the CIA? Why oppose a law that forbids something you're not doing?

I eagerly await cogent, well-reasoned responses devoid of spin and talking points.


flory said...

I eagerly await cogent, well-reasoned responses devoid of spin
and talking points.

Tee hee.

I hope you're not holding your breath...cos blue just isn't your color.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Yes, here we go again with utter absurdity. I have to do a 'Torture Post', but I can't get beyond, "Why are we even considering this? It's stupid on top of being wrong. Not that I should be surprised. That's exactly what Bush & Cheney are too: stupid on top of being wrong...and sadistic bastards to boot.

Eli said...

My girlfriend really likes blue things, though...

Well, that's kinda the point, Neil. The administration and a few Republicans are defending something that shouldn't even have to be debated. It's kinda like saying that the government has a right to just grab American citizens at random and hold them indefinitely without a trial, just on the President's say-so.

Oh... wait.


watertiger said...


NYMary said...

I'll bring you a Dr. Pepper and a sandwich while you wait for your cogent responses. It could be a while.

Eli said...

Is there a cobwebby skeleton smiley?