Saturday, November 05, 2005

2D Loot!

Inspired by the various Worst Album Covers Of All Time posts floating around, and the truly amazing toy photo collection that Phila linked to, I felt compelled to offer up my own pathetically inadequate contributions to the genre. I have arbitrarily decided to divvy them up between two-dimensional and three-dimensional kitschy loot.

All credit to the shadowy and mysterious Codename V. for spotting the album covers at the South Side Goodwill store, but the plaque is all me.

A very daring and provocative cover, I must say! Black and white and color!

From the back of the Woody Simmons album, and the point at which I became convinced Woody was not a guy (turns out I was right)...

The Archers are apparently from The Eighties Future, and are ready to blast off in their Big Art Deco rocket just as soon as they finish their sultry pose-down. Well, Blue and Pink are kinda sultry; Red just looks kinda baffled. Apparently Hands In Jacket Pockets = Sultry; Hands In Pants Pockets = Baffled. I must try to keep this in mind, no matter how hot it gets in the summer.

There's really not a whole lot I can add to this. It's just... horrible. So I had to have it. Posted by Picasa


Karen said...

These are truly awful. Thanks for sharing ;)

cabearie said...


Sometimes I worry about you.


cabearie said...

(lemme try that again)


Sometimes I worry about you.

Doozer said...

Little girl on left is threatening to shove little boy in middle right off that cloud.
And he believes it...

Spear and Magic said...

Woody is not a man, baby; she's a banjo playing machine:

"A multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, mandolin), she is probably best known for her fluid and melodic modal banjo style ..." [All Music Guide]

Hey, isn't that what we all know her for?