Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Quote & Cat Blogging

Once again, a quote from Dan Simmons' Olympos (sequel to Ilium):

"Thinketh, he made the ____ _____ out of sweet clay for His son to bite and eat, add honeycomb and pods, chewing her neck until froth rises bladdery, quick, quick, till maggots scamper through my brain."

Gotta love Caliban.

And of course, there'll be other people's cats:

Another picture of the cat my coworker found and took care of until her sister adopted him. Posted by Picasa


oldwhitelady said...

That's a beautiful cat. I had one that looked like that. Well, it was a wild stray and lived under the trailer at the time. I called it Stripe. When I moved, I could not catch it so it stayed behind. I never could get very close to it.

I'm glad your coworker took care of the kitty until someone took it.

watertiger said...