Sunday, February 26, 2006


More humorous spamminess, not-so-fresh from my mailbox (don't worry; spam keeps forever):

Abital Earp
Druid C. Bessie
Spiniest U. Habits
Bookworm V. Tenderizing
Standardization I. Whittier
Thump F. Lounging
Retinae V. Deduction
Piroska Whittle (Subject: Re: Pharama cy quacksalver)
Apollonia Cunha (Subject: Re: Ph aramacy tweezer)
Hyun Nettleton (Subject: anemoscope purify)
Capote I. Butted
April G. Superscript
Estonia E. Auctioneer
Leather C. Builds
Scriptures F. Baseboards (not sure why I didn't include this one in the George W. Bush Spam Tribute...)

So to all you spammers out there: If you have a funny fake name or subject, I still won't click on you, but at least I won't delete you right away, and I might even make you immortal! Like Highlander!


P. Drāno said...

I haven't seen one in a while but I used to get 'mail' with the subject line: 'Not swinging while walking?' I didn't get it at first.

watertiger said...

i think I have to nominate "Spiniest U. Habits" as my favorite today.

It makes me thing of hedgehogs.

Eli said...

Mmm... swinging hedgehogs...