Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Obligatory Steelers Photoblogging

Okay, so, my coworkers kinda prodded me into taking pictures of the Steelers victory parade yesterday. That's really not my thing, and left to my own devices I would have ignored it completely, even if it had been, say, the Giants or the Yankees. I made a go of it, and decided to stay inside and rely on my powers of telephoto zoominess, calculating that even long shots would still be better than shots of the backs of people's heads.

Unfortunately, that decision didn't work out so well. For one thing, I was looking down on the proceedings, and most of the players were wearing baseball caps. Worse yet, the windows are tinted, which throws off the color balance (I suck at color, so I have a hard time correcting it), kills the contrast, and chokes off the light, which means slow shutter speeds and high ISOs, which means grainy and blurry, which is not a great combination. Still, I got a few entertaining shots (mostly of non-Steeler-related subjects), even if there was only one that I would consider "good" by any stretch of the imagination.

And, of course, there'll be other people's Superbowl champions...

A pair of determined blonde businesswomen stride purposefully toward their rendezvous with Gamera on Moon Station Zero.

Troy Polamalu signing autographs after the parade. Great player, seems like a nice enough guy - it's not his fault his name is the basis for The Worst Thing Ever.

(This is probably the only picture of the bunch that I'm completely satisfied with, because it was free of all that window-related overhead)

Hey, look! Bananaman is a Steelers fan! Who knew?

My relentless search for "the decisive moment" finally bears sweet, sweet fruit... HEY!


watertiger said...

WTF are they doing in the last shot?

P. Drāno said...

It is a traditional dance of the people, giving thanks for an abundant harvest.

Elmo said...

La de da! freak'n to be a Cowboy's fan.