Wednesday, February 22, 2006

NYC Buildingblogging

New York City has lots of buildings. I like to take pictures of buildings. So it all kinda works out.

Buildings! Did I mention I like buildings?

The New York Stock Exchange is MOONING me! Jeez, what is it with these financial types?

I suspect that the distressedness may be fake, but it still looks pretty cool... Posted by Picasa


four legs good said...

I really like the last one, though I'd crop out the street and the top-

Eli said...

Eee Tee throooow doooowwwnnn...

Eli said...

Blogger's doing it again.


Elmo said...

I like the last one too. The one exposed brick blot on the left looks like a hammerhead alien about to throw the slam down on that rim.

If this was an inkblot test I would be considered a genius...maybe not.