Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wednesday Softball Blogging

Well, given that third base and the entire home plate area was underwater, and only two other people showed up at gametime, it looked pretty bleak at first. But people showed up, and we made some adjustments, and ended up getting in what I'm pretty sure was a full game. Pretty productive day at the plate despite a coupla popups: 6 for 9 with two doubles, 5 runs, and 4 RBIs. Was really clubbing the ball by the end of the night, with a rocket sac fly and a bases-loaded double to the centerfield fence - or at least the corner of the wall and the Porta-Potty...

No screwups in the outfield, although there weren't many fly balls hit my way. With no left-field fence, one has to be all about cutting the ball off no matter what, and it's a fast track out there. So I'm a little bruised up. But I have my postgame Dr Pepper, so I'm happy.

Current Stats: 16 games, .574 BA (66-115), 11 2B, 36 runs, 20 RBI.

In theory, these numbers could be multiplied by 10 to project them out for a full baseball season...

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