Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Oh Well.

I ended my PC's continuous uptime streak a couple of hours shy of 135 days. There was a really bad thunderstorm (there were a couple of lightning strikes that blacked everything out very briefly and made my intercom squeal alarmingly), and pushing the envelope just wasn't worth a slagged PC. Of course, nothing happened, so I could have just let it keep rolling...

The upside is, I finally got the chance to install my no-longer-new DVD burner (arrived back in March) and my new superfast 10,000 RPM SATA hard drive, which I intend to use as my system drive. The downside is, the hard drive/hard drive cooler install was a nightmare, and I'm having all kinds of trouble switching over to use the new drive as my system drive (I couldn't even use Ghost to make an image of my current system drive, so I had to copy the partition with PartitionMagic). I could probably re-install Windows, but I really don't want to reinstall everything else, too.

In slightly less-geeky news, I bought a 70-300mm Nikon telephoto zoom lens, which should help with the softball action shots, and any wildlife I might happen to encounter in the (cough) wilds of Pittsburgh.

Probably pretty light posting for the next week, as I'll be pretty busy tomorrow, and then I'll be on vacation, visiting the shadowy and mysterious Codename V.


oldwhitelady said...


Re: the PC

I bet visiting with Codename V will be a lot of fun if she's how she sounds on her blog.

Desi said...

Good luck with all that technical stuff, and have fun with the mysterious Codename V! :)