Friday, July 29, 2005

Out-Of-Context Literary Weirdness, Part II

You know how some books have a rundown of "dramatis personae" at the end? From the book I just finished (and will need to blog about when I have some more time), Ilium by Dan Simmons, this is quite possibly the greatest dramatis personae entry Of All Time:
Orphu of Io: eight-ton, six-meter-long, crab-shaped, heavily armored hard-vac moravec who works in the sulfur-torus of Io; Proust enthusiast.


Horatio said...

Awesome stuff. Almost like finding "hobby: doily-making" in there.

oldwhitelady said...

Well, I know that really makes me want to go out and read that book:)

Horatio said...

What I'm doing right now: Reading Swann's Way while blasting IRON MAN on the ipod.