Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday Softball Blogging

Well, the highlight of today's game was when a cop car showed up to check up on us, then quickly hightailed it away when Stu (shown sliding below) hit a home run/double (over the fence is a double) right at it. Beautiful.

My team won a 19-18 nailbiter, although I didn't contribute a whole lot (3 for 7 with a double and 3 runs), except on the mound, where I served up a bunch of home run/doubles and hits to my teammates. Had a couple of nice catches, and even handled a grounder back to the mound, but muffed an easy fly ball pretty badly. Matt filled in as official photographer for a bit, so there are actually some pictures of me in action...

Current Stats: 17 games, .566 BA (69-122), 12 2B, 39 runs, 20 RBI.

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Stu hits the dirt.

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Bear in mind, I want them to hit it...

Grr... 99.79% uptime my ass. Until ImageShack gets their act together, pics can be found here and here.


watertiger said...

and needless to say, pics are da broken.

oldwhitelady said...

Oh, those are nice pictures! Funny about the cop car. Probably having lunch and then this ball comes flying out at him, he didn't want a broken windshield. How to explain that?

Desi said...

Just tell me that you don't chew tobacco!