Thursday, July 28, 2005

B&W Blogging From The Aeroport

Well, here I am in the Pittsburgh International Airport's wireless food court, having finished a wireless blueberry strawberry kiwi smoothie and having no other ideas on how to divert myself. So I present, for your viewing pleasure, the first in my acclaimed photographic series, Black & White Delivery Trucks Of Pittsburgh, taken entirely during my Grand Excursion To Get A Telephoto Zoom Lens.

Truly, we live in exciting times indeed. I'm sure the space aliens will agree.

Delivery truck, cleverly spotted by me as it tried to make itself small.

A completely different delivery truck altogether. They're everywhere! Posted by Picasa


oldwhitelady said...

You gotta take pictures of what's there. If they're everywhere, we need to know.

Karen said...

I don't know about this - it bodes ill for future transport if white delivery trucks are allowed willy-nilly on the streets of Pittsburgh! What is the world coming to?

Good pics, tho!! Did you take them with your telephoto lense? I take it you have the world's most stable car and hands, or use a tripod?

Eli said...

Thanks! And that overexposed saint shot below is the only telephoto shot I've posted so far. I don't have a tripod, at least not yet.