Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Geek Out! Le Geek, C'est Chic...

My time has come at last!!!
Good news, losers: It's cool to be uncool. With the upcoming releases of two new movies, "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "The Baxter," and the recent success of "Napoleon Dynamite," Hollywood has gleefully embraced dorkdom.


Throughout pop culture history, protagonists were required to have ripped abs or bulging biceps. Now in these films and TV shows like "Beauty and the Geek" they simply need a "Hello! My name is Myron" name tag. It seems that, more and more, the ladies love Geek Chic.

"Women find sex appeal in male geek movie characters," notes Gitesh Pandya, editor of "Geeks have charm in their awkwardness. The personality of a geek makes him sexy, partially because he can be pitied and partially because they are good-natured people."


"When people see these characters, they feel good about themselves," says Pandya. "If a geek can succeed, then there is hope. It gives the audience confidence."

"They're always putting their foot in their mouth," says Showalter. "There's something cringe-worthy about them that makes us laugh, but while we're laughing at them, we're also rooting for them."


"Superhero films are more about escapism," notes Pandya. "Films about geeks are about realism."

So is Geek Chic here to stay? "Who knows what's cool anymore?" says Carell. "It's not cool to be uncool, but it is also not cool to be cool. It's cool to be somewhere in between. There is this gray area that is most all of us."

I'm so uncool I'm almost cool again! That's so totally boss!!!

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oldwhitelady said...


You are COOL!

13TonGimp said...

Oooooh teh hawt sexay