Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Quote Blogging

"We've brought the human race to that brave plateau where insanity is now a greater problem than hunger!"

- From The Formula, an incredibly boring movie about a conspiracy by the oil companies to cover up the invention of synthetic petroleum.

And, of course, I have pictures of other people's cats...

Roger's kitty Mocha, looking at, well, something. Posted by Picasa


Neil Shakespeare said...

Great quote! I was just at an audition for 'The Woman in Black' and the director was railing:

"GAWD! This country is just getting so goddamned STUPID! I wish everybody would just start SMOKING again! GAWD!

Alas, I'm afraid the insanity has become entrenched...

Great blog. Thanks.

ntodd said...

You quote-whore.

oldwhitelady said...

What a pretty cat. However, I thought this blog was dedicated to showing tortoiseshells. What happened?

Kidding, I'm pretty sure you showed Mocha sometime back.