Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You Missed A Spot.

Yeah, Gilliard's a pretty good pessimist, and so are his commenters.

But I was surprised that none of them pointed out the obvious: That if we do withdraw from Iraq, and it becomes an even worse bloodbath than the occupation, the Republican and media spin will be that this is all the Democrats' fault. After all, it was the Democrats who wanted the troops to retreat before the job was finished (of course, whether "finished" means Iraq becomes a paragon of democracy or a lifeless, smoking wasteland depends on which conservative nutbar you talk to).

So therefore, any casualties incurred while doing what the Defeatocrats wanted are therefore entirely on our effete, latte-sipping eggheads. Never mind that we never wanted the troops there in the first place.

Tell me I'm wrong.


spocko said...

Not gonna do it. You are right.

So very, very right.

Do you really think that they will say, okay. I just mocked withdrawling as "cut and running" for the last 2 years. Now I'll admit that my comments were overly black and white and accept the responsiblity for the mess I made.

Not gonna do it.

Oh and check out David Neiwert's blog post I'm in it. Wheeee!

P.S. I'll cc you on my recent letter to execs.

Eli said...

Sucks, don't it. I do pride myself on my ability to find the cyanide lining in every cloud.

Oh, and you just reminded me that I'm itching for an opportunity to sing, "Throw the shrew down the well, so my country can be free..." (There may be "If the shrew fits" opportunities as well)

The Heretik said...

Yeah, quite so.

Sanjay said...

It is going to be the dems fault. That will be the narrative. You are so right I am afriad.

Thers said...

Eli --

read this & thought of you -- Eli Manning snark

oldwhitelady said...

Your wrong!! Ha ha ah ha ha... Actually, you are absolutely correct!

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Sadly, no. How did Lyndon Johnson get back in the mix? Poor dems. we always have to clean up the thugs messes then get blamed because we didn't do a good-enough job.

charley said...

we aren't leaving iraq.

charley said...

why wait?

of course this is good for republicans.

op99 said...

OK, you're wrong. If the denouement, wrt US participation, happens during the Bush administration, all the king's spinners and all the king's men will not be sufficient to divert the blame. If it happens in the next administration, all bets are off. So from a crass political standpoint, if it's going to happen eventually anyway, then, to guote The Bard:

If it were done when 'tis done, then t'were well. It were done quickly.

Eli said...

They may not be sufficient, and I sure as hell hope they're not; but they're still going to try it.