Tuesday, October 04, 2005

When It Spams, It Pours

The spam-filtering at work is pretty good (plus I never give out my work e-mail), so the stuff that manages to penetrate the deflector shields is almost always of the highest quality. Observe today's specimen, from "Riss Yseult":

Subject: New offr Medsications


wordplay wedding dizziness pasteuri zer raised Hello, Fast Total Home Best Easy ShiConDeliPricOrd ppingfidentialityveryseringAnd more LAXCVV evimbanialiagali traienaxs ra um Get detailed infformation. watch over his movements. But when the W...

(The good stuff is only visible in the message preview - the actual e-mail text is completely different and invariably uninteresting)


And do I really want to watch over W's movements?

1 comment:

oldwhitelady said...

So, if I answered "NO" to your questions, would I be correct?