Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Can A Magazine Be Wanker Of The Day?

The people who rate the nation's best colleges and hospitals have come up with a brand-new category - America's best leaders.

The new U.S. News & World Report list comes not a moment too soon because the vast majority of Americans believe the nation is suffering from a leadership deficit, according to a survey commissioned by the magazine.


The magazine and Harvard's Center of Public Leadership also convened 35 leading members of public and private sectors to draw up a list of the country's prime leaders.


Secretary of State Rice and TV queen Oprah Winfrey made the list....


There are notable New Yorkers on the list such as former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Fox News honcho Roger Ailes, Harlem Children's Zone founder Geoffrey Canada and New York Times pundit Thomas Friedman.

Presumably, the only reason Dubya and McCain aren't on the list is because they excluded presidents and potential presidential candidates. Feh.

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