Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Modest Proposal

Here is my recommendation for cutting down on all but the most necessary wars:

With the exception of response to an unprovoked military (i.e., non-terrorist) attack, any president who initiates, and any congresscritter who approves, an attack on a sovereign nation must be forced to choose between:

A) Making all of his/her age-eligible children or grandchildren available for a special draft; or

B) Spending a week in the target country 3 years after the invasion, walking the streets and talking to the people, sans bodyguards or body armor.

My expectation is that most would choose Option B (depending on how they felt about their kids, I suppose), and be very focused on the follow-through and reconstruction.


NYMary said...

I would have thought that GWB would have gone for option A, what with Jenna and NotJenna being useless public drunks and all.

But then, they're chips off the old block!

Eli said...

It was originally only going to be Option B, actually, but I thought I'd give the warmongers a break, plus give them the opportunity to remove some of their taint from the gene pool.

The biggest problem with Option A is that it's awfully unfair to the *real* troops. But this could be fixed quite easily by creating a separate Chickenhawk Brigade, which would specialize in daring suicide missions to secure worthless objectives.