Monday, October 03, 2005

Spam O' The Day

I haven't spamblogged in a while, but the spam I got today was just... spamtacular.

Subject: The project Eli

Hi Eli,
have you ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire?
Heres your chance to do so.......


As the earth rotated around the sun all organge gas
was lifted under leer bays. Gaft tape wasn't used
until left wood supper is moved lower.

certain pull dog sled over water with long ropes
and chain tiger mill sandy stream funnell caps
baseball football stadium sled hill automobile house
truck fish marsh rock saw balony catch home drive.
Anyone lived in a pretty how town...


Elmo said...

Anyone lived in a pretty how town...

I did get stuck in Whoville once...

NYMary said...

You got spam from Scooter Libby?!?

ellroon said...

Uh...don't think I've used gaft tape yet, is that to use with the plastic wrap for my house?