Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Perfect Gift For The Hot Liberal New York Babe In Your Life

From the NY Daily News's Rush & Molloy gossip column (which leads with a very unfortunate Omar Sharif-related incident - no, not that one...):

Who says mayoral candidate Freddy Ferrer doesn't have any sizzle? One ardent supporter is doing her best to sex up his campaign by designing a ladies thong emblazoned with the slogan "Vote Por Fernando."

"He's Latino and he's a Latin lover," designer Liza Sabater tells us. "Why not have him on your panties, if not in them?" Ferrer's wife, Aramina, would probably prefer the former. Sabater, whose Ferrer lingerie is available at, says no one has actually bought a pair yet.

The Ferrer campaign declined to comment on the undergarments for their underdog.

Sounds like the mayoral race is, ah, heating up.

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V said...

Well played, Omar Sharif. Well played.