Thursday, November 16, 2006

Life Couldn't Be This Good, Could It?

Diane/Cabearie ponders what Dubya is trying to accomplish by renominating four awful judges that Senate Democrats shot down without even being a majority:
What I found curious is that Mr. Bush would send these renominations to the lame duck Congress. Yes, the GOP owns this Congress, but the Democrats still have enough votes to use the filibuster. What is Dr. Frist going to do, threaten the dread nuclear option? If he does so, in a couple of months, that tool will be in the hands of the Democrats in the new Congress.
Are the Republicans really that stupid? Six years ago I would have said no, but today... It certainly would make for a very entertaining filibuster debate. The funny part would be watching the Democrats gleefully vote for the nuclear option. President Michael Moore and Vice President Ted Kennedy will be very grateful, I'm sure.


flory said...

This is more Fredo in denial. He really, really, really believes that the last 4 years represent some kind of eternal reality. He will always get what he wants, cause he's important, and the preznit and special and all.

Just like the 3 year old that thinks crying louder will make all the difference.

Eli said...

Even for Dubya, it's pretty incredible that he thinks the Democrats would roll over for him *now* on stuff that they wouldn't roll over on *before* they had a mandate.

Very peculiar, but maybe that's just his understanding of bipartisanship: Give the opposition as many opportunities as possible to vote for your policies and nominees.