Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We're Doomed.


(hat tip to Tim Tagaris)


four legs good said...

Yeah, pretty much.

God, but I wish that pretentious asshat had gone down in flames.

Eli said...

I'd like to think that it was some kind of realpolitik kind of thing, where they only did it because they knew they needed to stroke him to keep him from flipping.

But it wasn't. The Democrats never really embraced Ned, because he Wasn't One Of Them.

karmic said...

WTF! I have friends from CT who worked hard for Ned L, visiting us this weekend. There will be a lot of analysis, I will def clue them in to this post.

Eli said...

It's a reminder that just because the Democrats have a narrow majority, it doesn't necessarily mean anything's going to change.

I have a lot more hope for the House, but they don't confirm judges.