Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What I've Been Trying To Say

watertiger nails it.

The Democrats are spineless wimps. Their political strategy is nonsensical. Bush's approval rating among Independents is 28%, and 6% among Democrats in the latest CBS poll. Except for his Republican base (74%), Bush is about as unpopular as a president can possibly be. So if Democrats want to play to the middle, fine. The middle hates Bush's guts. But what they're doing is playing to the right, which makes no sense at all, especially when it's at the expense of everyone else.

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Anonymous said...

That's they way we the public sees it, and I agree vigorously with your scorn for the spineless Dems. But could the wimp factor possibly be as simple as if they don't pander to the slimy Bush base, then they don't get their own pork approved? Politics is a crass world.

Now I know you pick these words - who else could come up with ehxwmom?