Monday, March 20, 2006

Big Brass Balz

Uh-oh. Dan Balz and Jonathan Weisman are gonna totally get written up for this narrative violation:

Republican efforts to craft a policy and political agenda to carry the party into the midterm elections have stumbled repeatedly as GOP leaders face widespread disaffection and disagreement within the ranks.

Anxiety over President Bush's Iraq policy, internal clashes over such divisive issues as immigration, and rising complaints that the party has abandoned conservative principles on spending restraint have all hobbled the effort to devise an election-year message, said several lawmakers involved in the effort.

While it is a Republican refrain that Democrats criticize Bush but have no positive vision, for now the governing party also has no national platform around which lawmakers are prepared to rally.

Every effort so far to produce such a platform has stumbled.

No! No! Thoughtcrime! Doubleplusungood wrongthink! Only the Democrats can be guilty of messageless disarray! Citizens Balz and Weisman will report to Room 101 for re-education immediately!

I wouldn't worry too much about the Republicans, though. I'm sure they'll find a way to rally the troops against the imminent scary threat of gay terrorist immigrants burning flags at their weddings. They'll probably plotting to release doves infected with bird flu, too...

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Anonymous said...

Room 101? is that what Debbie is calling her woodshed now? Whatever gets her through the night... What are the odds this makes he Sunday column. "A number of non partisan readers were struck that Balz and Gomer did not mention the well-established fact of Democratic disarray."