Thursday, December 01, 2005

B&W Sky Blogging

Ordinarily, any photo with a nice deep blue sky is a no-brainer to present in color. But every once in a while, some perverse instinct tells me to take a look at it in black & white. And more often than not, I usually like how it turns out. It might be because I used B&W film in my first two years of high school, when I really learned how to be a photographer, and my sympathies just naturally lean that way as a result.

Or it could be that I have Secret Republican Tendencies. Who knows?

I have a strange photographic attraction to the backs of signs. Can't explain it.

Theoretically, this should be a pretty nice color photo (and it is, actually). But for some reason, I just like it better in black & white. Posted by Picasa

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