Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Strom Thurmond Of Baseball?

If someone had asked you 15-20 years ago, which major league baseball player would still be playing at age 46-47, how many of you would have said "Julio Franco"? Be honest, now.


Thersites said...

I miss Luis Tiant. He had the most amusing delivery of any pitcher ever; it was like watching a harp seal tossing flipper-fastballs.

Snow said...

I would have said: who? If fact, I would say that today.

Eli said...

I was actually kind of a Julio Franco fan until he came to the Braves, which tends to cut any fandom pretty darn short for me.

It's the bizarre batting posture, with the bat wrapped around behind his head, barrel pointing *at* the pitcher. He shouldn't be able to hit *anything*, but he does.